Editing or Deleting a Stage

Modifying Existing Stages

Editing a Stage

Each Stage Card has its own Edit button. When this button is clicked, the selected Stage will be opened in a form similar to the one used when Creating a Stage, with the existing data pre-populated. All fields except for the Stage Type will be editable.

Note: Much like when editing a lottery's visibility date and time, modifying the open and close dates for a stage can sometimes cause unexpected behaviour, such as when one stage is rescheduled such that it overlaps another. Be cautious when adjusting the scheduled window during which the stage will be open to learners.

Deleting a Stage

Each Stage Card also has its own Delete button. When this button is clicked, a confirmation dialogue box will be shown, to verify that the stage should indeed be deleted. A warning notice will be displayed above a minimalistic summary outlining all of the associated Options that will be deleted along with the stage, if the Confirm button is selected.