Preparing for a New Academic Year

Preparing for a new academic year will depend on how your organization currently uses Elentra, but the following check-list may help you organize your tasks.

You can watch a recording about preparing for a new academic year at (login required).

General Setup

Courses for a New Year

Events for a New Year

Rotation Schedules and Rotations for a New Year

Managing Assessments

Curriculum Tag Changes

Curriculum tag changes vary from year to year at different institutions. Some times curriculum tags are being retired and others are being introduced, sometimes one tag is replacing another tag, sometimes the coding of tags is being updated, etc.

There is no find and replace option in Elentra when working with curriculum tags. If your organization had Tag 1 and has decided to retire it but replace it with Tag 7 in all places where Tag 1 was mapped you would need to do this manually (or request help from your local developer).


There is currently no copy function for the lotteries module so you will need to rebuild your lottery for a new school year.

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