Forwarding Tasks

Forward Tasks from the Admin. A & E Dashboard

Administrators can forward tasks on behalf of assessors/evaluators.

  • Navigate to Admin > Assessment & Evaluation.

  • Filter the task list as necessary to find the task you want.

  • Open the task.

  • Click 'Forward Task'.

  • Choose a user to forward the task to.

    • Note that emails will be sent to the old and new assessor/evaluator.

  • Click 'Forward Task'.

  • You will get a success message. Close the success message to return to the A & E Dashboard.

Viewing Forwarded Tasks in A Distribution Progress Page

When a distributed task is forwarded, the new task that generates is actually not included in the original distribution. Enhancements in ME 1.20 allow administrative users to see a record of tasks that have been forwarded once, from a distribution progress page.

The task will be removed from the original assessor's task list. The newly generated task will display for the new assessor and will be labelled "Forwarded."

Because the newly generated task isn't actually a part of the distribution, an administrator can't send reminders, nor delete the new task from the distribution progress page. Instead you would need to do so from the Admin > A & E Dashboard.

Completed forwarded tasks are included in a Weighted CSV report generated for a distribution.

Note that if a task is forwarded more than once, anything beyond the second task will not display on the distribution progress report at all.