Calendar Subscription

Users can subscribe to their Elentra calendars to receive ongoing updates to event dates and times. There are two places users can subscribe to calendars: their dashboard or within a community events page (access to events created within that community only).

Please note that while change to Learning Events in Elentra appear immediately on the Elentra dashboard, it can take varying amounts of time for any changes made in Elentra to appear on a user's third party calendar tool (e.g., Google Calendar, Outlook, iCalendar). While some of these tools allow users to set how often the calendar should refresh, others (notably Google Calendar) does not. Nor does Google guarantee how often they refresh calendars.

Calendar subscriptions that include learning events will provide the following information:

  • event title,

  • location, if provided (including urls if the location is a url),

  • attendance requirement (optional/required),

  • recording (available/unavailable),

  • duration (X minutes, and breakdown e.g. X minutes lecture, X minutes lab), and

  • description.

Note that custom event colours stored in Elentra (whether managed through a database setting, course, event type, or specific event) do not come through to 3rd party calendars.

Learners: Dashboard Calendar

  • Learners generally land on their dashboard and see the calendar upon logging in to Elentra.

    • If CB(M)E is enabled in your organisation, by default learners will land on the CBME Progress tab and see their CB(M)E learner dashboard when they log in. They can toggle to 'My Event Calendar' or 'My Rotation Schedule' from the dashboard tab menu to quickly see other information.

  • Below the calendar, click 'Subscribe to Calendar or Download Calendar'.

  • Click to select All Calendars or Individual Course Calendar. For the second option, indicate the appropriate course using the dropdown menu.

  • Click 'Subscribe' to get a version of the calendar that automatically update to reflect changes made to the schedule in Elentra. After clicking Subscribe you can click to copy the subscription URL and add it to your calendar tool or click 'Subscribe to Calendar'. Your computer will likely prompt you to choose an application to open the link.

  • If learners have added a community events calendar to their dashboard calendar, community events will be included in the calendar subscription.

  • Click 'Download' to get a version of the calendar that you can edit but that will not automatically update based on changes made within Elentra. (You will be able to re-download the schedule at any time.)

  • Click 'Download Calendar'. Your computer will prompt you to choose an application to open the download or you can save the file. If you save the file you can later add it to your preferred calendar tool.

  • Events in the calendar will display any required preparation supplied in the event and will include a link to the learning event.

Faculty: Dashboard Calendar

Faculty can subscribe to a calendar that includes their teaching and learning events (i.e., where they are the event teacher or are in the event audience).

  • From the dashboard, look for the "Subscribe to Calendar" button.

  • Stay on the All Calendars tab.

  • Click 'Copy Subscription Link' or Subscribe to Calendar.

  • If you click Subscribe to Calendar you may be prompted to open the file with an application (i.e., your calendar tool).

  • Note that when subscribing to a calendar from the dashboard, the subscription will only include the events the faculty member is a teacher or leaner in. The subscription will not include events from a course calendar that the faculty may have optionally added to their calendar view.

Faculty can subscribe to individual course calendars using the "Subscribe to Calendar" button below the calendar.

  • Click "Subscribe to Calendar"

  • Click "Individual Course Calendar" from the tab menu

  • Select a course from the dropdown selector

  • Choose to subscribe (will automatically update events) or Download (will provide a file for the events as currently scheduled)

  • At the bottom of the window, copy the subscription URL, click Subscribe to Calendar or Download as appropriate.

Community Event Calendars

On a community events page, you can get a static version of the calendar or subscribe to an automatically updating version.

To subscribe to an automatically updating version of the calendar of events, right click on the calendar icon. Click 'Copy Link Location/Address' and paste the link into a subscription feed for your preferred calendar tool.

If you click on the calendar icon your computer may automatically download an ics file or may prompt you to choose an application to open the download or you can save the file. If you save the file you can later add it to your preferred calendar tool. This will provide a static version of the calendar including already created events. You can re-download it later to update your calendar.


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