Migrating Responses From Exam Soft

Migrating responses from ExamSoft into Elentra allows you to record learner performance on past exams delivered through ExamSoft in Elentra.

Export from ExamSoft

  • Export your learners results from ExamSoft with the following settings as a CSV file.

  • If your exam does not have essay questions, you can uncheck the Essay Responses category.

Importing Exam Taker Results

  • From the main page, click to update any questions then proceed to the Posts section.

  • Create a post of this exam and associate it with a learning event for the cohort that wrote it. (Review the exam posting section for more information).

  • Once your questions have been imported, return to your Exam Dashboard through the Exam menu located in the collapsible left-hand side bar.

  • Click on the title of your imported exam to open it.

  • Go back to the Questions section and select the Migrate Responses tab.

  • Browse for and select the CSV of the learner results and then click Import Responses.

  • This can take a few minutes to complete if there are many questions and learners.

  • Once the results have been imported, the post will be updated so learner results can be reviewed and reports can be generated for the exam.