Leaves of Absence and Off-Cycle Learners

In the event that a learner must take a leave of absence or is required to repeat a course or year, you may have to adjust the cohort to which they belong by either temporarily deactivating them or deleting them from one cohort and adding them to another.

Short-term (Temporary) Leaves of Absence

If a learner takes a leave of absence after which they will return to the same cohort, opt to deactivate them in their current cohort. This will:

  • leave them listed as a member of the cohort, but highlighted in pink, so that you know that they have been deactivated

  • highlight the associated cohort in your list of cohorts (Admin > Manage Cohorts) in yellow, so that you know that the cohort contains at least one deactivated user

  • allow the learner to access the courses and learning events in the system through the Courses and Learning Events tab; however, they will no longer be a member of the cohort, so will no longer be an audience member on events. In order to view learning events in the system, the learner must ensure that the events are no longer filtered by themselves as a member of the audience.

  • continue to display the learner in a Course Gradebook

  • remove the learner from the My Learners list (and therefore reporting on logbook completion)

Remember to remove the learner from any course groups they have been added to; otherwise, they will continue to be associated with the group.

Long-Term Leaves of Absence

To remove them from their cohort (as they will not be returning), so that they do not appear in your Gradebook listing, event audience, or course groups:

To revoke a learner's access to Elentra, deactivate the learner's profile:

  1. Navigate to Admin > Manage Users.

  2. Search for the appropriate user and click on his/her name.

  3. In the User Management menu in the left-hand sidebar, click Edit Profile.

  4. Under Account Options set an Access Finish date and time.

  5. To immediately end a user's access, change the account status to Disabled and put in the current date and time.

  6. Click Save.

Recording Leaves of Absence in Elentra

Elentra can be used to track learner leaves of absence. These need to be logged by a curriculum coordinator and can be done through a user's profile page.

  • Navigate to Admin > Manage Users.

  • Search for the appropriate user (the person taking leave) and click on his/her name.

  • From the Student Management box on the left sidebar, click 'Leaves of Absence'.

  • Click 'Add Leave of Absence' to create a new absence.

  • Provide the relevant details and click 'Add Absence'.

  • Delete an existing absence by clicking the red minus icon beside the relevant absence.

Repeating a Year or Joining Another Cohort

When a learner repeats a year or needs to attend an event alongside another cohort, you can do one of two things:

  1. Enroll the learner as an individual in all courses that the learner is required to participate in, and leave them as a member of their previous cohort.

    1. This will allow you the flexibility to apply specific assessments in the Gradebook to this learner only, and not the rest of their new cohort, if needed.

  2. Add the learner to the other cohort, in addition to their previous cohort.

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