Announcement page types can be used to house announcements for the specific community. Announcements can have a time release applied and can also optionally have email notifications sent to community members.

How community administrators can post announcements

  • As a community administrator, navigate to a community and click the Announcements page.

  • Click 'Add Announcement'.

  • Provide a title and announcement body.

  • If you wish to send out notifications to the community members that the announcement has been posted check off the appropriate box.

  • Set the Time Release Options for the announcement. This controls when that announcement will start and stop being visible to users.

  • Click 'Save.'

  • To edit or delete existing announcements, navigate to the community announcement page and click 'edit' or 'delete' beside the announcement you want to modify.

How community members can view announcements

Depending on how a community is set up, announcements might be displayed on the community home page. However, if they are not, community members can still access announcements from the Announcements page.

  • Navigate to a community and click the Announcements page.

  • The announcements will be displayed.

Community members can subscribe to an RSS feed of the community announcements by clicking on the small RSS icon.

Allowing community members to post announcements

As a community administrator you can set the Announcement page permissions to allow community members or browsing non-members to post announcements.

  • Click on the Announcements page within a community.

  • Click 'Edit Page'.

  • Scroll down to the Page Permissions section and make your choices.

If you allow members to post announcements, you can additionally configure whether or not you'd like community administrators to have to moderate member-created announcements.

  • Members will have the same options as administrators when creating announcements (e.g. to notify members of the community and to time release the announcement).

  • If the announcement is to be moderated, members will be notified of that.

  • If you are a community administrator, you will be alerted to announcements requiring review on the Announcements page.

  • Click to view the announcements and release, edit, or delete them as appropriate.

  • If you release an announcement, it will appear on the Announcements page for community members to view.


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