Attaching a Quiz
To attach a quiz to a gradebook assessment it must first be attached to a learning event. You will only be able to add a quiz to a gradebook assessment if the gradebook and learning event the quiz is attached to share a curriculum period.
  • Create a gradebook assessment using the instructions in the Gradebook help section.
  • Click the checkbox beside Link existing online quizzes to this assessment.
  • Click 'Add Quiz'.
  • Begin to type the quiz name and select it from the displayed list. The list of quizzes displayed will be based on quiz authorship so you must be listed as a quiz author to add a quiz to a gradebook.
  • Click 'Attach Quiz'.
  • The quiz questions will display and you can uncheck any that you do not wish to include.
  • Set the other parameters for the assessment and click 'Save.' Note that you do not need to set graders for a quiz since a quiz only allows multiple choice questions which will automatically graded.
  • After the quiz is completed by learners, use the Import/Export tool to import grades from the attached quiz.
Importing grades from attached quiz
  • Note that the gradebook will record the learner's first attempt of the quiz, even if they are allowed multiple attempts.
If you attach a quiz to a gradebook assessment you can edit the questions once. If you need to edit them again, you should delete and reattach the quiz.
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