Summary Assessment Tasks

  • Elentra's Summary Assessment Task option allows you to create a distribution that allows the assessor for said distribution to view the results of previously completed tasks (on a per distribution basis).

  • Please note that this feature is currently for distributed assessment tasks only. Additionally, it can't be used with form templates and tasks triggered on-demand (i.e., CBME tools).

  • Summary assessment tasks are configured through regular distributions. Within the instructions for each distribution, you'll see additional notes about the options to enable for summary assessment tasks (i.e., the Delay Distribution Availability option on Step 2: Method, and the Give access to the results of previous assessments option on Step 4: Assessors/Evaluators).

Completing a Summary Assessment Task

Users completing a summary assessment task can:

  1. View aggregate data (but not average scores) for any items that were included on tasks in associated distributions and the summary assessment task (note, the assessment item ids on each form must match for this feature to work)

2. View comments from tasks from associated distributions and see the date, time, assessor and distribution

3. Search for and view completed tasks from associated distributions, even if not all items are included on the summary assessment task

  • While reviewing previous tasks, easily navigate between distributions, tasks, or learners as needed.\

Summary Assessment Task Set Up

  • When administrators configure a distribution to create summary assessment tasks, they can:

    • Define which previous distributions to link to (associated distributions)

    • For date based distributions and adhoc distributions only:

      • Optionally define a minimum number of tasks to be completed in the associated distribution(s) before summary assessment tasks are generated

      • Optionally define a failsafe date on which to send the summary assessment task, even if minimum numbers tasks in associated distributions have not been achieved

Summary Assessment Tasks FAQ

  1. If a summary assessment task has been completed and then more tasks are completed in the associated/evidence distributions, will the summary assessment task reopen to be edited?

    Not automatically. If an admin user wants to manually reopen the summary assessment task so that the assessor can edit their responses, they can do so. Note that if the task was already made visible to learners, editing it may cause confusion.\

  2. What happens if you set the delivery date for the distribution before the fallback date? The fallback date will be ignored.\

  3. How soon after the tasks in the associated distributions are completed will the summary assessment task be created? The summary assessment task will be eligible to be created as soon as the tasks in the associated distributions are completed. When the tasks actually get delivered to the assessor will depend on the schedule of some behind the scenes tasks (cron jobs) that your installation of Elentra performs. At many schools, the tasks will be delivered the next day.\