Forwarding Tasks

Faculty users can forward tasks to other users to complete as necessary.

  • While viewing a task, click 'Forward Task'.

  • Select a faculty member to forward the task to.

  • Confirm your choice by clicking 'Forward Task'.

  • You will get a success message and can click 'Close' to return to your list of Assessment Tasks.

  • The user the task was forwarded to will immediately see it in their Assessment Tasks list.

  • After a faculty member has forwarded a task, they will still see the target in their list but the target will be marked with a forwarded label, will not count towards their outstanding tasks, and will not be able to be clicked on. If the faculty member hovers over the forwarded label, the name of the person they forwarded the task to will display.

Note that if a task is forwarded more than once, the original assessor will not see that. Additionally, the third task will not display on the distribution progress report for administrators to review.