Learners - Bulk Download Event Files

This tool requires a database setting to be enabled by a developer. Set events_download_all_files to 1 in the settings table to use this feature.

Learners can now download all files attached to learning events for a day or week (this tool is not available from the Month/Year calendar view).

When logged in as a student, click on Learning Events in the primary navigation menu. Below the calendar, you will see a Download Event Files button. Whatever is displayed on the screen will be included (e.g., if learners wanted to filter to view one course, they would download the resources for only that course).

After clicking the button they will see a list of all files to be downloaded. Learners will be prompted to confirm the file download and the files will download to their computers.

Note: There is another bulk resource download option for learners if you are using Units. This is different than that.

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