Assessment and Evaluation Reports and Completed Tasks

Elentra includes a variety of report options through the Admin > Assessment & Evaluation tab. Please read report descriptions carefully as not all reports necessarily include data from both distributed forms and user-initiated on-demand forms.

Additional reporting tools for user-initiated on-demand forms used with the CBME tools can be viewed form the CBME dashboard.

A&E Reporting is an administrative reporting tool. Note that individual users may have access to their own reports via their Assessment & Evaluation button, but the availability of such reports depends on how distributions were set up.

Reporting options

When you create most reports you will have some additional options after selecting the appropriate course/faculty/learner/form, etc. These options allow you to customize the reports you run for different audiences.

Please note that not all these options will actually display on all reports, despite the fact that you have the option to select them through the user interface. Please see each specific report for additional detail about what will or will not be visible.

Include Comments: Enable this option if you'd like the report to include narrative comments made on the selected form. Unique Commenter ID: If you select to include comments you'll see this option. It allows you to apply a masked id number to each assessor/evaluator. This can be useful to identify patterns in comments (e.g., multiple negative comments that come from one person) while protecting the identity of those who completed the form. Include Commenter Name: If you would like to display the names of commenters click on the checkbox. Include Description: If you click this checkbox you can give a description to the report. The text you enter will be displayed at the top of the report generated. Include Average: Click this checkbox to include a column showing the average score. Include Aggregate Scoring: If you enable the average, you'll have the option to also include a column with aggregate positive and negative scoring in some reports. This gives a dichotomous overview of positive and negative ratings.

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