Create a Course Tree

Use .csv format to upload objectives

A Course Tree is required for every course, however there are several ways you can create a Course Tree. You can upload curriculum tags per course (appropriate when courses/programs have unique curriculum) or copy an existing Organisation Tree to multiple courses (appropriate when multiple courses share the same curriculum).

Creating a Unique Course Tree

Upload objectives within a course under Admin > Manage Courses.

Step 1

Within a course, select the CBME tab and then the Configure CBME tab to begin Step 1: Configuration. Select Use a curriculum framework as a base and click Next Step.

Step 2

Select a framework in the drop-down and click Next Step.

Step 3

Ensure the objective .csv files are formatted as indicated in the highlighted instructions.

Step 4

For each curriculum tag set,

  • Select Default upload or Upload referencing a single parent code

  • Select the appropriate file

  • Click 'Save and upload (tag set name)'

  • Choose a file or drag and drop to add a .csv file.

  • A confirmation highlighted in green will display when the file is uploaded successfully.

  • Repeat for each curriculum tag set as needed.


  • If you forget to select the correct Upload radio button (ex. Upload referencing a single parent code), you must reset the upload by going back to Step 1: Configuration in the CBME tab of the course.

Step 5

You can review the new proposed tree structure with the uploaded objectives added. Click the Publish button to save.

Note: if there are errors in the upload, then the objective uploads have not been published. The publish button also does not appear when there is an error. You will need to reset the objective upload. See Notes section in Step 4 of this documentation.

Step 6

A behind the scenes task will run to publish your objective tree and make it visible to you. At most schools, this happens once a day. After sufficient time has passed, you can refresh the Configure CBME tab screen to review and search within the new tree mappings.