EPAs Template

This template organizes the information about EPAs and allows the information to be uploaded to Elentra.

Completing the EPA Template

Each program should complete an EPA template with the following information:

  • Parent(s): This can be left blank because you will provide the full parent path in the Milestones Template. If you prefer to complete this column, you can indicate the parent of the EPA which is the Stage (i.e., D, F, C, P)

  • Code: Indicate the EPA code (e.g., C1, C2, C3). Note that there is no space between the letter and number in the EPA Code.

    • EPA codes should be recorded in uppercase letters and include the learner stage of training and the EPA number. Use the learner stage letters outlined below to ensure that the EPAs correctly map to other curriculum tags. D: Transition to Discipline F: Foundations of Discipline C: Core Discipline P: Transition to Practice

  • Name: Provide the competency text

  • Description: Provide additional detail about the EPA as required.

  • Detailed Description: Not every program will use the ‘Detailed Description’ column.

  • Save your file as a CSV.