People Search

Elentra includes an internal search tool to allow users to search for other users, and to browse users and departments. Most users will need to click 'More' on the primary navigation menu to access People Search.

Database Setting Options

Database SettingUse


Optionally show or hide users' group and role information (e.g., Faculty > Lecturer) from People Search results.

People Search

Use this tool to search for individual people, and apply group and role filters as desired through the Advanced Search option.

People Search results will display a user's name, photo (if provided and if privacy settings allow), group and role (e.g., Faculty > Lecturer) (optional see database setting above), organization and email address. For faculty users, if they have provided telephone contact information or office hours, that information will also display.

There is a database setting option to remove users' group and role from the People Search results (people_display_group_role).

If you are logged in as a medtech:admin user and are using People Search, you can navigate to a user's profile by clicking their name in the People Search results list.

Browse People

Select a group and role from the dropdown menus and then click 'Browse People' to view all the applicable users.

Browse Departments

Select a department from the dropdown menu and then click 'Browse Departments' to see all users assigned to the specified department.