Trigger Assessment

New in ME 1.25!

  • Staff:pcoor users now have the ability to set a Reviewer for a task they are initiating

Forms must be permissioned to specific courses to be triggered using this tool.

Administrative users have the ability to trigger an assessment to send tasks on an as needed basis. This might be useful if a specific learner does not have enough assessments in a specific area or there is a reason to prompt a specific assessor to complete a task on a specific learner.

  • Navigate to Admin > Assessment & Evaluation.

  • Click 'Trigger Assessments'.

  • Select a learner.

  • Select an assessor.

  • Define a form type (e.g. CBME or Generic).

  • Set a Start and End Date for the Assessment (this defines the period of time the assessment addresses).

  • Optionally set the assessment as mandatory. (This means the asessor will not be able to delete the task.)

  • Optionally indicate if feedback is required for the assessments. If you check this off it will add an item to the form asking the assessor whether or not they met with the trainee to discuss their performance (see sample text below). The target will also be asked to answer this question.

  • Optionally set prompted response notifications. This allows you to decide whom to contact if any answer on the form is designated as a prompted or flagged response option. (For example, if you have an item asking about student completion of a procedure and "I had to do it" was set as a prompted/flagged response.) You can optionally select to email the Program Coordinators, Program/Course Directors, or add a Custom Reviewer. If you select to add a Custom Reviewer you can select their name from a searchable list of users.

  • Click 'Get Tools'.

  • Search for the appropriate tool as needed.

  • Click 'Preview This Form' to confirm you have the form you want or click 'Send Assessment' to send the assessment to the selected assessors.

  • You will be prompted to optionally provide an Assessment Cue. This can be a short note to explain the context of the assessment. The text entered will display at the top of a form when the assessor is completing it.

  • Click 'Send Assessment.'

  • A green success message will display at the top of the page and you will be returned to the beginning of the bulk trigger assessment process to repeat if needed.