Program Oversight Dashboard

This dashboard lets you compare metrics among different programs for the purpose of program oversight. The dashboard is mainly intended for users that oversee several programs or other higher-level users like Medical Administrators and Deans.

Users need to first select an academic year. This updates the Program dropdown and shows an alphabetically sorted list of programs with the “EPA count” next to the name of each program. The list only contains programs that have assessments that were completed in the selected year. The user can then multi-select all the programs they need to compare and then click “GET RECORDS”.

EPAs Acquired and Expired

This graph displays the number of EPAs that have been completed and expired in each year by program. If your school doesn't track expired assessments the values default to zero for all programs.

EPAs Acquired and Expired per Resident

This graph displays the number of EPAs that have been completed and expired per learner in each year by program. The dotted line represents the average completed EPA count per learner for all the selected programs.

EPA Rating Distribution

This stack chart displays the proportion of EPAs in each year that have been rated at each level of entrustment ('I had to do' to 'I didn't need to be there'). Users can mouse-over each row for additional details. This chart only considers assessments that have been completed on "Supervisor Forms" that have a standard 5 point "O score" scale.

Mean Words per Comment

This graph displays the average number of words contained within the completed EPAs of each year. The dotted line represents the mean value of all the selected programs. The length of the feedback has been found to correlate with the quality of feedback and so a higher word count is preferable.

Monthly Distribution

These are a collection of graphs that visualize the completed and expired count by month through the academic year (spanning from July to June) for each program individually.

Export Program Data

This button lets you download the metrics shown in this dashboard as a CSV file for other types of downstream analysis beyond the scope of this dashboard.