How community administrators can set up a poll

These polls function differently than polls set up via Manage Polls. These polls will only show up to users when they are in a community and navigate to the polling page (community administrators can send a notification to let community members know a poll is available).

  • As a community administrator, navigate to a community and click 'Polling'.

  • Click 'Add Poll'.

  • Provide polling details including title and description.

  • Decide whether or not to allow multiple votes by clicking the appropriate radio button. If you allow users to have multiple votes you should type in how many each gets (leave at zero for unlimited votes).

  • Set up the polling question in the Question Details section. Question: This is what you are asking. If you'd like to create a poll with multiple questions you'll need to create your first question, save the poll, and then you can add additional questions. Multiple Responses: Check this off to allow respondents to choose more than one response. If you pick this, type in the range of response numbers each participant can give (e.g., between 2 and 4 responses allowed). Responses: Add answer options here. Click on the blue plus button to add your response option. After your first response is added to the list, type in another and click the blue plus button again. Edit a response by clicking on it. Delete a response by clicking the red trash can icon. Reorder responses by clicking on a response and dragging it to the place you want it to be.

  • Set permissions for the poll to customize which community member types can view the poll, vote, view results (on an ongoing basis-usually most appropriate for the person controlling the poll), and post-vote results (meaning who can view the results only once they have already voted-usually most appropriate for the audience of a poll).

  • You can restrict voting to specific community members by clicking on 'Select specific members to vote'. If you choose this option, click on 'Select Group & Role' to refine the list of options. Begin to type in a name and click on it when you see the appropriate user.

  • If you wish to send out notifications to the community members that the poll has been posted check off the appropriate box.

  • Set the Time Release Options for the event. This controls when the poll will be accessible to users.

  • Click 'Proceed'.

  • You can now add additional questions if desired. To do so, click 'Add New Question'. Questions can be edited or deleted by clicking on the blue pencil icon or red trash can icon.

  • When you have added additional questions or made other changes, click 'Save'.

  • To edit or delete an existing poll, navigate to the polling page, and then click 'edit' or 'delete' beside the event you want to modify. You may also see a 'vote' option if the poll is set up to allow administrators to vote.

  • After at least one vote has been cast, administrators will also see a 'history' option beside a poll name. Click 'history' to see the current poll results.

How community members can participate in a poll

  • Navigate to a community and click 'Polling'.

  • Locate the appropriate poll and click 'vote'.

  • Whether the community member can view the poll results depends on how the poll is set up.

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