Competency-Based Medical Education

If your institution is new to competency-based medical education (CBME), especially in the context of Canadian PG programs, please read this additional learning module to prepare to launch CBME with Elentra:

The Competency-Based Medical Education module allows institutions to map Entrustable Professional Activities (EPAs) and link them to Key and Enabling Competencies and Milestones. In turn, this allows the creation of assessments and the collection of learner performance data, all tied to EPAs.

Different institutions will be using Elentra differently to help them transition to CBME. There are some CBME features that rely on the use of other parts of Elentra, however, using CBME without any additional features like rotation scheduling, you will be able to:

  • map EPAs and milestones,

  • use supervisor, procedure and field note form templates to generate triggerable assessment forms,

  • create periodic performance assessment (PPA) and rubric forms that are linked to EPAs (and also triggerable),

  • allow faculty and learners to trigger assessment forms on demand as needed,

  • store and report on learner performance data based using the CBME dashboard,

  • assign faculty as competence committee members and academic advisors,

  • log meeting information for each resident,

  • promote learners through stages,

  • collect feedback from learners on completed assessment forms, and,

  • create EPA-based assessment plans for each course/program.

Sample of a learner CBME Dashboard as viewed by a Program Coordinator

If you wish to create additional forms for assessment or evaluation purposes, use the clinical rotation scheduler, or schedule individual learning events, resources for those actions are also available on this site at the following links:

Assessment and Evaluation (used to create and distribute additional forms like course or faculty evaluations) Clinical Rotation Schedule (used to schedule learners into clinical rotations - note this will allow use of some additional learner tools in the CBME module) Scheduling Learning Events (used to schedule events like academic half days)