Logbook Reporting

Staff:admin users as well as staff:pcoor and faculty:directors affiliated with a specific course will be able to access Admin > Clinical Experience and the logbook.

  • Navigate to Admin>Clinical Experience.

  • Click on the Logbook tab below the Clinical Experience header.

  • By default the page will load one course and its most recent curriculum period, as well as 'Learners who have incomplete logbooks'.

    • The way this works is that the system checks learners’ rotation schedules and sees which rotation the learner is currently scheduled in. If learners are half way through a rotation but have less than 50% of the logging requirements complete, they are deficient. (Note a developer can change this threshold in the database as required.)

    • If a learner is for some reason enrolled in two blocks within the same rotation, the system will take the dates of the second block to measure completion.

  • You can change the filter options or search for an individual learner.

    • Filter by course to view all learners enrolled in a course. Note that you can apply multiple courses so carefully check you’ve included the ones you want. After you select a course, you can set the appropriate curriculum period.

    • Filter by cohort to view all learners in a cohort.

    • To remove a course or cohort from the list, click the small ‘x’ beside the course/cohort name.

Monitoring a Course

Monitoring an Individual's Log

  • Once you see learner cards, click the + icon on the right to see an overview of all the learner's courses and their logbook count in each.

  • Click ‘View Details’ on a learner card to open a new tab from which you can download a CSV of the learner’s logged entries in each course or view details inline.

  • Click ‘View Details’ on a course card to see an overview of progress.

  • From each objective you can click the + icon to see an overview, and then click ‘View entries’ to see a list of individual logged entries.

  • Download a CSV of what you view on your screen at any point.

    • CSV will include: learner name, learner #, learner email, list of courses and number of pending entries for each course.

  • Some CSV options will offer you two download versions:

    • Course overview: Show total count of required and logged entries organized by course.

      • This will include learner name, learner #, learner email, course name (called rotation), objective, required, and logged.

    • Course entries: List all logged entries for the learner with details like date, role, setting, etc.

      • This will include learner name, learner #, learner email, course name (called rotation), objective, required, logged, encounter date, patient age range, patient gender, role, setting, site, preceptor, and notes (called reflection).

Options when downloading some CSVs
Sample Course overview