Logbook Reporting

Staff:admin users as well as staff:pcoor and faculty:directors affiliated with a specific course will be able to access Admin > Clinical Experience and the logbook.

  • Navigate to Admin > Clinical Experience.

  • To view a logbook for a single learner, search for the learner as necessary and click 'Logbook' on the learner card. You will jump to the Progress Report for that learner.

  • To view logbook reporting for multiple users, click on the Logbook tab below the Clinical Experience header.

  • Set course/cohort and curriculum period filters as needed. Click on a filter to open a dropdown selector. Click on the filter again to close it.

    • Filter by course to view all learners enrolled in a course. Note that you can apply multiple courses so carefully check you’ve included the ones you want. After you select a course, you can set the appropriate curriculum period.

    • Filter by cohort to view all learners in a cohort.

    • To remove a course or cohort from the list, deselect the course/cohort name or click 'Clear Filters'.

  • By default the page will filter to 'Learners who have incomplete logbooks'.

    • If your organization uses Clinical Experience > Rotation Schedule and has enabled the logbook to use rotation schedules for reporting:

      • Elentra checks learners’ rotation schedules and sees which rotation the learner is currently scheduled in. If learners are half way through a rotation but have less than 50% of the logging requirements complete, they are deficient. (Note a developer can change this threshold in the database as required. The database setting is logbook_outstanding_percentage)

      • If a learner is booked into two slots within the same course, the system will take the dates of the second slot to measure completion.

  • If you are not using Clinical Experience > Rotation Schedule, learner deficient status will be based off of curriculum period dates.

CSV Downloads

  • Note that you can download a CSV from multiple pages; each CSV should reflect the information you were viewing in the user interface.

  • CSV will include: learner name, learner #, learner email, list of courses and number of pending entries for each course.

  • Some CSV options will offer you two download versions:

    • Course overview: Show total count of required and logged entries organized by course.

      • This will include learner name, learner #, learner email, course name (called rotation), objective, required, and logged.

    • Course entries: List all logged entries for the learner with details like date, role, setting, etc.

      • This will include learner name, learner #, learner email, course name (called rotation), objective, required, logged, encounter date, patient age range, patient gender, role, setting, site, preceptor, and notes.

Overview of Course/Cohort

  • You'll see a list of learners and their overall logbook completion status (e.g. 3 Outstanding).

  • Click the plus icon to open a view of the learners logbook progress in multiple courses.

  • Click on View Details to open a Progress Report for a specific learner in a new tab.

Individual Progress Report

  • Filter by course and curriculum period.

    • Optionally View Details or download a CSV.

      • If downloading a CSV opt for Course Overview or Course Entries.

  • Click ‘View Details’ on a course card to see an overview of progress.

  • From each objective you can click the + icon to see an overview, and then click ‘View entries’ to see a list of individual logged entries.