Remote Learning

Elentra can effectively be used to offer courses in a remote learning and working environment.

Content Delivery

  • Use a third party tool (e.g. Zoom, Microsoft Teams) to facilitate simultaneous instruction as you're able. Provide necessary links, meeting ids, etc. in the applicable learning events.

  • If you wish to associated individual users with a meeting id and have the meeting url automatically display on learning events, please see here.

  • Other schools have also successfully set up streaming arrangements using their existing AV setups. Some ideas include:

    • If you have a live stream of a specific room, use a script to append a url to all learning events scheduled for that room.

    • If you have the ability to record your rooms but do not have Elentra's lecture capture tools set up, you might provide links to all recordings on a webpage and then append the url for the page to all learning events.

  • Have faculty record lectures (video or audio) or provide narrated PowerPoints. These can be shared as resources on existing learning events and viewed at the learner's convenience.

Small Group Collaboration

If live video chat isn't an option for your institution, the Elentra Communities module may be useful if you need a place for learners to share documents or have online, text-based discussions. Specifically, you could set up discussion groups in communities for learners to share ideas, ask questions, etc.



  • Use Elentra's course gradebooks to collect assignments in a dropbox. These can be graded in Elentra by faculty if you provide a form (created in Assessment and Evaluation) to go with the assignment.

Learning Object Repository

  • Can store TinCan or Scorm objects in the Learning Object Repository

  • Can provide links to these learning objects on events or course pages