Community Events should not be used to create curricular events for learners. Curricular events should be built using Admin > Manage Events

How community administrators can post events

Once Events are created for a Community, community members can optionally show those events on their Dashboard Calendar.

  • As a community administrator, navigate to a community and click 'Events'.

  • Click 'Add Event'.

  • Provide event title, location and start and finish times.

  • Provide details or a description of the event.

  • If you wish to send out notifications to the community members that the event has been posted check off the appropriate box.

  • Set the Time Release Options for the event. This controls when the event will be accessible to users.

  • Click 'Save'.

  • To edit or delete an existing event, navigate to the event page, and then click 'edit' or 'delete' beside the event you want to modify.

How community members can view events

Depending on how a community is set up, events might be displayed on the community home page. However, if they are not, community members can still access these items from the applicable page.

  • Navigate to a community and click 'Events'.

  • The events will be displayed.

  • Note that on the events page users can switch between viewing the day, week, month, or year's worth of events.

  • Members of a community can also optionally display community events on their Dashboard Calendar.

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