Visual Summary Dashboards

Please Note: you may get an argument error (specifically regarding the implode() function) when running the visual summary cron job, if you are running PHP 8.0 or higher.

This should be fixed soon. Let us know if you get this error and we can provide you with the fix.

The CBME visual summary dashboards are optional and must be enabled through a database setting (cbme_enable_visual_summary).

The Visual Summary Dashboards available in Elentra provide another way to view completed assessment tasks and filter that data to monitor learner progress. The views included are:

  • Normative Assessment Dashboard

  • Resident Dashboard

  • Faculty Development Dashboard

  • Program Evaluation Dashboard

  • Program Oversight Dashboard

Pre-requisite for use

Assessment Plan Builder

To leverage the visual summary, your program must have assessment plans entered in Elentra. Please visit the Assessment Plan Builder lesson for more information.

Access Visual Summary

Step 1

Log in to Elentra as an administrator (e.g. program administrator, course director).

Step 2

At the top right, click on the "Assessment & Evaluation" task list icon.

Step 3

Click on the "My Learners" tab

Step 4

You will land on the Program Dashboard.

Step 5

From the tab menu below the filter option, click Visual Summary.

Step 6

You will be directed to the Visual Summary dashboard.

Step 7

Toggle between the different dashboards, and/or programs as applicable.


Residents have access to the visual summary page only though their Learner Dashboard where they can click on “visual summary” from the tab menu.

Visual Summary Permissions

The permission system within the visual summary page has been set up in a specific way such that most users are only shown a small subset of the dashboards based on their user role and the rest of the dashboards are hidden completely. Only a small set of elevated user types have access to all the dashboards.

A breakdown of the visibility by user type of the 5 dashboards within the visual summary module:

Residents: Resident Dashboard (only their data) Competency Committee Members/Chairs: Resident Dashboard, and Normative Assessment Course Director: Resident Dashboard, Normative Assessment, Faculty Development, and Program Evaluation Program Coordinator: Resident Dashboard, Normative Assessment, Faculty Development and Program Evaluation Course Director/Program Coordinators, with access to multiple programs: Resident Dashboard, Normative Assessment, Faculty Development, Program Evaluation and Program Oversight (limited to the programs they have access to) Medtech Admin: Resident Dashboard, Normative Assessment, Faculty Development, Program Evaluation and Program Oversight (Access to all programs)