Distribution Reports

Distribution Delivery Schedule

This report can be used by administrative staff to keep an inventory of distributions.

  • Select a report type. You can see an overview of distributions or individual tasks.

  • Select a course.

  • Set a date range.

  • Select a task type.

  • Select a distribution or an individual task (your option will depend on the first selection you made on the page).

  • Click 'Generate Report'.

  • From here you can search within the results or click on any distribution to see its progress.

Distribution Reviewer

Use to see an overview of who is set as a reviewer for distributed tasks. (When you create a distribution you can assign a reviewer who serves as a gatekeeper of completed tasks before they are released to be seen by their target. This is completed during the final step of a distribution. For additional information please see the Assessment and Evaluation>Distributions help section.)

  • More information coming soon.

Embedded Distribution Reviewer

This report functions like the report above but offers users a view of the report in the interface without requiring them to open a PDF.

Weighted CSV Report

Please see the next page for information on the Weighted CSV Report.