Elentra ME User Documentation
Elentra ME 1.24

Absence Management

Elentra now includes an absence management tool that:
  • allows administrative staff to define allowable absences,
  • allows learners to request pre-approval for absences, and
  • allows staff or faculty to approve absences.
The absence management module is optional and can be set to on or off in the database (setting: absence_enabled). Absence Management is off by default and needs to be enabled by a developer if you want to use it.
Please note that the absence management module is in addition to the Leave of Absence tool accessible in a student user's profile, the Leave Tracking tool available in Clinical Experience, and the granular clinical event attendance tracking (also in Clinical Experience). The absence management tool described in this section works with attendance as recorded on learning event pages depending on how you complete your absence tool your setup. It does not currently sync to a learner's dashboard calendar (Events or Rotation Schedule view).