Normative Assessment

The Normative Assessment Dashboard presents summarized data metrics of all the residents in a program relative to each other. It is meant to be viewed by Competency Committee members to assess a resident against their peers.

The data is presented as both a visual representation(left) and a tabular representation(right). Users are provided with an option to either view all the residents in a program or selectively view the metrics of residents in a particular training stage by using the drop-down at the top of the dashboard. This can be useful during Competency Committee meetings when residents are judged on their performance relative to others in their training group.

By default, the normative dashboard filters out residents without any completed EPAs. However, this behaviour can be turned off by toggling the checkbox at the top of the dashboard.

The bar chart visualizes the following four metrics individually and to switch between the metric being visualized, users can select the corresponding radio buttons above the chart. Each bar represents one resident and users can hover their mouse over a bar in the chart to see the name of the resident it represents, and the value of the current metric being shown. Clicking on a bar in the bar chart switches the user to the resident dashboard to view a detailed breakdown of all assessments of that resident.

  • Total EPAs- This is a count of the total number of EPAs filled out by a resident.

  • Achievement Rate- This is the total number of EPAs a resident has achieved divided by the total number of EPAs completed by that resident. An achieved EPA is one where the EPA meets certain requirements set in the assessment plan, such as acquiring a rating of 4 or above on a 5-point scale, or satisfying specific contextual variable requirements, or meeting diverse assessor role requirements.

  • Progress Rate- This is the number of EPAs a resident has achieved divided by the total number of EPAs they are required to achieve for all the valid EPA forms in a program across the different training phases.

  • Total EPAs vs Achieved EPAs- This chart visualizes two bars for each resident showing their total EPAs and achieved EPAs next to each other. While this metric is like achievement rate, it can offer a better picture of a resident’s overall performance as high achievement rates alone can be occasionally misleading for residents with a very low number of completed EPAs when all of them are achieved.

Finally, there is a tabular representation of the same metrics with the ability to sort the residents in the table by clicking on the column header. By default, the residents are sorted in the table by name in an ascending order. This can be changed to a descending order by simply clicking on the column header “Name”. Similarly clicking on each column header sorts the table in an ascending order based on that metric and clicking the same column header again changes the order to descending.

The normative dashboard is linked to the resident dashboard so to view a particular residents’ assessments in detail, users can simply click on a bar corresponding to a resident in the bar chart or their corresponding row in the table. This will automatically switch the user to the resident dashboard with that resident pre-selected.