Rotation Evaluation Options

There are several options when it comes to administering rotation evaluations in Elentra.

  1. Use Automatic Standard Rotation Evaluations

    • This option relies on the use of a Standard Rotation Evaluation form type and requires that each course with rotations to be evaluated have its own form associated with it.

      • By using the Standard Rotation Evaluation form type you can optionally have a developer build standard templated items to be included on each form.

    • Once forms are built administrators can set parameters for automatic distribution of rotation evaluation tasks when they build each rotation (i.e., send 2 days before the end of a rotation).

    • There is no distribution progress report for this approach so reporting on learner completion of tasks must be done via the Form Responses Report.

    • Results of automated rotation evaluations are available in a canned report.

  2. Allow learners to initiate evaluations on their own using on-demand workflows.

    • A benefit of this approach is that it requires very little administrative effort to set up. Once forms exist, learners can access them as required.

    • This approach can be supported using a generic form or a standard rotation evaluation form type, as long as the workflow is set as "Rotation Evaluation" and the form is permissioned to the relevant course(s).

    • This approach requires that learners take responsibility for generating their own tasks and does not guarantee that they will evaluate every rotation, nor every faculty member you might want to be evaluated.

    • To report on learner completion of tasks you will have to rely on the Form Responses Report (there will be on distribution progress report).

    • It can be more time-consuming to monitor learner completion of their responsibilities using this approach because you will rely on the Admin > A & E dashboard.

  3. Use Distributions to send tasks to users to complete.

    • This approach requires more administrative effort as you will need to configure a distribution for every rotation you want to be evaluated (for some schools this may be hundreds).

      • Tip: Use the distribution copy tool to reduce your workload.

    • Benefits of this approach are that task are clearly defined for learners and administrators can use a distribution progress report to quickly see who has and hasn't completed their tasks.

Automatic Standard Rotation Evaluation Option

If your organization uses the Clinical Experience rotation scheduler and a Standard Rotation Evaluation form type to evaluate rotations within courses/programs, you can use the automatic standard rotation evaluation option. This feature is enabled when you build rotations, and removes the need to have distributions or use workflows for rotation evaluations. Instead, each course/program can create a standard rotation evaluation form (which can have preset standard items shared across courses), and the form will be auto-distributed to learners based on their rotation schedules. This option requires developer assistance. A developer must add the appropriate form type in the database and build the templated items if desired (there is no user interface to build the templated items).

Please note that the automatic rotation evaluation option is specifically to support rotation evaluations, and that course evaluations should still be sent via distributions.

Each program/course can only have one standard rotation evaluation form active at a time. If you create a second form of this type it will override the first form you made.

Additionally, each course must have its own form created and permissioned to it.

To use the automated standard rotation evaluation feature, check off the "Automatically trigger rotation evaluations" checkbox when creating a new rotation, then set the preferred delivery schedule for these automated tasks.

To report on forms completed this way, please use the "Automatic Rotation Evaluations (Aggregated)" Report.

Implementation Notes

If your organization wants to use a standard faculty or rotation evaluation form a developer will need to add those two form types to the database and associate them with the correct organisation (relevant table: cbl_assessments_form_type_organisation).

Additionally, a developer will need to create the standard rotation evaluation items. These items that will be included on every standard rotation evaluation form (courses/programs will be able to add additional items as needed).

Once the form types and standard items are added, administrative users can build standard rotation evaluation forms and publish them as needed.

On-demand Workflows Option

  • If you want to allow learners to initiate evaluations of rotations and faculty on an as needed basis you can use on-demand workflows.

  • Faculty Evaluation and Rotation Evaluation workflows can be applied to any type of form permissioned to a course to allow learners to initiate the form on-demand.

    • Note that you can not set up faculty evaluation or rotation evaluation workflows to allow faculty or staff to evaluate faculty or rotations

  • Note:

    • If a learner initiates a form using a Rotation Evaluation workflow, Elentra checks the learner's rotation schedule. The learner will be able to complete a rotation evaluation for any past or current rotation they are scheduled into. A learner will not be able to initiate an evaluation for a rotation they are scheduled into in the future.

    • If a learner initiates a form using a Faculty Evaluation workflow, they will be able to access a complete list of all faculty stored in Elentra.

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