Attaching a Discussion Post
New in ME 1.20! Attach a discussion forum from a course website to a gradebook assessment to allow faculty to grade discussion posts.


To attach a Course Discussion Forum to a Gradebook assessment, you must have the following in place:
  1. 1.
    Your Course Website must be associated with a Curriculum Period.
  2. 2.
    Your Course Website must have a Discussions page type containing at least one Forum.

Attach a Discussion Forum to an Assessment in the Gradebook

  • Create a Gradebook assessment.
  • Click the checkbox beside Attach a course discussion to this assessment for grading.
    • The checkbox is below the area where you define the assessment characteristic, marking scheme and grading scale.
  • From the Select a Discussion to Grade dropdown menu, select one or more forums that you want to associate with the assessment.
    • If you select more than one forum, your grader(s) will be able to switch between forums to access the learners posts and replies for each.
Selecting a discussion forum to attach to a gradebook assessment
  • Assign your learners to Assessment Graders as required.
  • Optionally, attach an Assessment Form to assist your graders in grading the discussion forum.
  • Optionally, create an Assignment Dropbox for the assessment, if the learner is also required to make a submission.
  • Click Save.
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