Program Evaluation Dashboard

This dashboard organizes all the EPAs that have been completed by learners in the program by the year they were completed in with the goal of informing program evaluation. There are two main sections in this dashboard. The first section of the dashboard visualizes key metrics across several academic years as shown below.

EPAs Acquired and Expired Per Learner

This graph displays the number of EPAs that have been completed and expired per learner in each year in the program. Users can mouse over the bars to see the number of active residents with assessments in each year.

EPA Rating Distribution

This stack chart displays the proportion of EPAs in each year that have been rated at each level of entrustment ('I had to do' to 'I didn't need to be there'). Users can mouse-over each row for additional details. This chart only considers assessments that have been completed on "Supervisor Forms" that have a standard 5 point "O score" scale.

Average Words per Comment

This graph displays the average number of words contained within the completed EPAs of each year. The length of the feedback has been found to correlate with the quality of feedback and so a higher word count is preferable.

Monthly Distribution

This graph visualizes the number of EPA observations submitted per month over multiple years. It is intended to identify increases and decreases in EPA assessments over seasons and years. The X axis of this chart spans across a given academic year from July to June.

The second section of the dashboard shows EPA metrics that contextualize the EPAs that have been completed within a program over a selected academic year.

The summarized metrics are followed by three pie charts that group the assessors by their type, group, and role. Assessor role and group distributions are only available for "internal" assessors. These charts let program evaluators get a better picture of which user group gives them a higher share of EPA assessments. For example, in programs like Surgical foundations where senior residents often assess junior residents. The role “Trainee” might have a higher share compared to “Lecturers” or “Directors”.


The “export program data” button available at the top of the dashboard lets users download a detailed CSV export of all assessments completed or expired in the program. This can be used for additional downstream analysis of metrics that are not shown in the dashboard.