Exam Reports

Exam Reports

  • Navigate to Admin>Manage Exams and select a recent exam or click on Exams on the left to select an older exam.

  • Open the selected exam and click on the Reports tab to see a selection of available reports.

    • Curriculum Tags Report: Filter by curriculum tag, exam post and learner (optional) to view learner performance across curriculum tags. You can also view one learner’s performance compared to the class average (can be turned on or off).

    • Item Analysis Report: View a variety of statistics relevant to an exam post. View results on the screen or download as a CSV.

    • Learner Comments Report: View a compilation of all learner comments from an exam post. The report shows questions, responses, and comments.

    • Learner Responses Report: Download a list of all learner responses (by question number and point value) from an exam post.

    • Print View: Access a printable copy of the exam including questions and correct answers.

    • Score Report: See an overview of learner performance on the exam. Modify columns to view as needed and download the results as a CSV.

    • Summary Report: Generate a report that includes exam performance, curriculum tag performance, the lowest 27% of learners, and item analysis.

      • Please note that the upper/lower 27% calculations are only calculated on the first submission of an exam. If you allow users multiple attempts on an exam, the calculation won't be accurate.

    • Learner Curriculum Tags Report: This tool allows you to release exam results, based on performance on specific curriculum tags, to the learner. You can customize when learners can access results, which tag sets they should see, and to which learners this applies. If you set this up, the learner will see an additional 'Category' tab when viewing their submitted exams and if they click on it will see a personalized report showing their performance for specific curriculum tags. Please note that you must set a release start date for this report to become visible to learners.

Viewing Student Scores

There are two ways to view student scores.

  • Navigate to Admin>Manage Exams, and select the relevant exam.

  • Click on the Posts tab, and from the cog on the right side, select View Activity for the appropriate post.

  • You can show or hide different columns, click on a column header to sort the list, adjust the number of learners shown on the screen, search for a specific learner and download the results as a CSV.

  • You can also access student scores from a learning event where an exam is a posted resource. From a learning event content page, scroll down to “Posted Exams” and click on view results. This will take you to the Assessment Activity page.