Admin > Assessment & Evaluation Dashboard

Curriculum and program coordinators as well as some faculty directors can access Admin > Assessment & Evaluation to monitor the status of assessment and evaluation tasks.

Typically, coordinators and faculty directors will access this page to see task progress for learners and faculty associated with their course. For example, if Jane Doe is set as the program coordinator for Pediatrics, she will see the tasks of all learners enrolled in Pediatrics and all faculty who are associated with Pediatrics because they are an assessor on a distributed form associated with Pediatrics, or they are the target or assessor on a user-initiated on-demand form associated with Pediatrics.

Admin > Assessment and Evaluation is a useful access point to send reminders for specific tasks, record assessments completed outside Elentra, trigger bulk assessments, etc. More details about those actions are included in the following pages.

Filters on the A & E Dashboard

On the A & E dashboard tab, tasks can be filtered to easily view outstanding, upcoming, deleted, and completed tasks, as well as prompted responses.

  • Click on the task status you want to review (e.g. Outstanding, Deleted, etc.)

  • Enter a search term (e.g. a user name or form title).

  • Apply a delivery type filter if desired (e.g. distribution based).

  • Set a date range if desired.

  • Click on a task to view it in a new tab.

Field Display Options (showing additional labels on tasks)

  • Click the Field Display Option button to optionally add additional fields to your dashboard display

    • Start and End Date - represents the start and end date or the relevant task (if defined, e.g., in a distribution or when a task is initiated on-demand)

    • Course - the course a task is tied to

    • Event - the event a task is tied to (if applicable)

  • Choosing a field will add the appropriate labels to the tasks in the Tasks column

Note that the Owner of a task is the person who has responsibility for completing the next step of a task. As such, if a user has stored a task in draft mode, they may be the owner and target of the task, even if it will eventually be sent to a faculty/preceptor.

  • When viewing a task a coordinator can optionally complete the task on behalf of another user, forward the task to be completed by someone else, or delete the task.

Assessments and Evaluations Tabs

Click 'Assessments' or 'Evaluations' to toggle between the types of tasks you are reviewing. Remember, in Elentra Assessments are about learners, and Evaluations are about other things (e.g., faculty, courses, rotations, events).

Outstanding tasks include those that have been delivered but are not yet complete.

Hover over the grey number in the targets column to view all targets included in the task.

Quickly view expiry dates if applicable, and optionally send reminders or delete tasks from this tab.