Developer Work for CBE

If you are a Canadian Postgraduate organization, many of the prerequisites for using CBE are already in place. If the CBE module is new to your organization, there will be some developer tasks required before you begin to explore CBE.

Required Developer Tasks for CBE

  • Enable CBE for the relevant organization (database setting: cbme_enabled)

  • Disable CBE for all courses that don’t need it (make entries per course for cbme_enabled on the course_settings table)

  • Add form types to the organization

    • Almost all organizations will require the rubric form be active to use CBE

    • You can optionally add other form types (e.g. Supervisor Form Template, Smart Tag Form)

  • Configure workflows for the organization (at a minimum you will likely need rubric forms available to the EPA or Other Assessment workflow)

  • Create Assessment & Evaluation rating scales as needed (this can be done by a medtech:admin user)

    • If a rating scale will be used for global entrustment or milestone ratings, additional developer work can allow users to have automated question prompts based on the scale selected

  • The following are required only if you plan to version your curriculum and automatically apply new versions to learners when they transition to a new stage within your curriculum framework:

    • Configure learner levels as required by your organization (e.g., PGY 1, PGY 2). Store these in the global_lu_learner_levels table.

    • Enable the enhanced enrolment tab to allow administrative staff to enter learner level and CBE status information (database setting: learner_levels_enabled)

      • NOTE: Some schools choose to just store this information in the database and not have administrative staff input it (they are presumably getting the data from another system).

Optional Developer Tasks for CBE

  • Set learners up to land on their My Event Calendar tab on the dashboard instead of their CBE Progress Learner Dashboard. There is no database setting for this; a developer just has to make code changes to support it if that is an organization's preference.

  • Enable learner self-assessment options for curriculum tags displayed on the learner dashboard (database setting: cbe_dashboard_allow_learner_self_assessment and/or learner_access_to_status_history)

  • Enable visual summary dashboards (database setting: cbme_enable_visual_summary)

    • Provides access to additional reporting on EPA assessments

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