Rating Scales

To use the learner dashboard and various form templates, an organization must have rating scales built. Elentra includes several default rating scales but organizations can also add their own.

There are four types of rating scales: default, dashboard, Global Assessment and MS/EC which stands for Milestone Scale /Enabling Competency. There is no user interface to modify the scale types and both Global Assessment and MS/EC are used on form templates including supervisor and procedure form templates.

There is a user interface to manage rating scales but only users with Medtech>Admin group and role permissions can modify scales. Note that scales are applied to an entire organization and can be accessed by multiple courses/programs.

Managing rating scales is part of the Assessment and Evaluation module; please see additional help resources here.

Note that as of ME 1.14, when a new rating scale is added by an organization there is some developer work that must be completed to make the rating scale available on form templates. If you are a developer, please see the resource below.

Auto-populated Item Text in Global Rating Scale Selector