Confidential Assessors/Evaluators

For use cases where certain evaluations and/or assessments need to be confidential in the sense that the assessor should be hidden, Elentra includes a feature when building forms to hide the names of assessors/evaluators. This could apply to things like faculty evaluations and especially rotation evaluations.

One thing to be aware of if using the Confidentiality option on forms is that once the name of the assessor/evaluator is changed to Confidential, it will be impossible for an administrator to monitor a distribution and see who has/has not completed what. If you typically monitor distributions or use task completion to populate some aspect of a course gradebook (e.g. a professionalism score), you may not want to use the Confidentiality option.

At the bottom of the Form Information section you'll see a checkbox to enable form confidentiality.

If a form is not in use, this checkbox can be enabled/disabled at will. For forms that are in use, this setting can ONLY be enabled (a developer can disable it in the DB). For this reason, admins will be prompted by a warning box confirming their choice:

Enabling this feature changes the way the assessor is displayed in many areas across the platform. For example, on the Admin Assessment and Evaluation page, any assessment/evaluation that is tied to a form with the setting enabled will have the assessor marked as confidential:

Clicking on one of these assessments will also have the assessor hidden within the assessor card:

In the case where tasks can have multiple targets, if someone who is not the assessor attempts to view any of the tasks while at least one is pending. This is done because if there are multiple targets, you can switch between them on the assessment page.

Assessment cards will also hide the name, even if it is released to the target in the case of faculty evaluations:

Reports have also been updated so that whenever the assessor name is returned for a form with the setting enabled, “Confidential” will be shown instead. The same occurs if you try to download an assessment as a PDF.

The wording used throughout the feature can easily be replaced in the translation file for customization.