Medical Student Performance Records

The Medical Student Performance Record (MSPR) is a collection of information about a student including activities completed during medical education, comments about student performance in clinical settings, amount of time spent in different departments or specialities, etc. In Canada, this information is provided by undergraduate medical education offices to the Canadian Resident Matching Service (CaRMS).

The MSPR includes three sections which are populated different ways. "Information Requiring Approval" is logged by learners and approved by program coordinators. "Information Requiring Entry" is entered by program coordinators. "Information Extracted from Other Sources" is automatically populated from other Elentra data.

After MSPR information is loaded a pdf file can be generated and downloaded about each learner. Additionally, an HTML link can be fed forward to another system. Only MSPRs closed to submissions will be generated into reports.

There is currently no user interface to edit the required elements of the MSPR or alter what gets automatically populated by Elentra. If your organisation wishes to customize this you will need help from a developer.