Portfolio and Gradebook Integration

A gradebook entry can have a portfolio attached to it. Doing this allows users with access to a course gradebook additional access to view specific portfolio entries and grade them.

Note that portfolio artifacts are not available to be viewed by individual graders (i.e., if you've added graders to a gradebook assessment). Portfolio artifacts can only be viewed by users with access to Admin > Manage Courses > Gradebook (e.g., course directors, curriculum coordinator).

How to attach a portfolio to a gradebook assessment

  • You need to be a staff:admin, staff:pcoor associated with the course, or a course director in order to access and edit the course gradebook assessments.

  • Access a course gradebook through the course page or Admin>Manage Gradebook.

  • Click the pencil icon in the Edit column for the assessment you want to attach to a portfolio to; this will take you to the edit assessment page.

  • Scroll down to the Assessment Portfolio heading and click 'Attach Portfolio'.

  • Select the appropriate portfolio and click 'Attach Selected Portfolio'.

  • If no Portfolios appear for you to select from, make sure you are working in the correct curriculum period and that the affiliated cohort has an active Portfolio.

Additional information about using the gradebook in general is available in the Gradebook help section.\

Please note that there is no integration between portfolio artifacts and gradebook assessment assignments (i.e., dropboxes). Attaching a portfolio to an assessment that also has a dropbox created for it will not result in artifacts uploaded by learners also populating the dropbox.