User Incidents

The User Incident tools allows an organisation to keep a record of an incident involving a user.

How to record a user incident

  • Navigate to Admin>Manage Users.

  • Search for the relevant user and click on his/her name.

  • In the User Management box on the left sidebar, click 'Incidents'.

  • Click 'Add New Incident'. Note that the system will automatically record and display the name of the user who creates an incident.

  • Provide the required information noting the following: Severity: Incident Severity cannot currently be configured through the user interface. If you wish to change the available incident severity levels you will need help from a developer. Status: An open incident can be edited for more information to be added including any follow-up. If an incident is closed its appearance will be greyed out when viewing a list of incidents. Dates: Both the incident date and the date of any follow-up can be recorded. Details: Information provided here is not currently visible to the user although it will be accessible to users with permission to view learner incident reports. The system will not automatically record and display the names of users who add to the initial report.

  • Click 'Save Incident'.

  • Incidents will display on the user profile page but are only accessible by users with admin roles. By default users do not currently have the ability to access their own recorded incidents.

How to report on open and closed incidents

  • Navigate to Admin>System Reports.

  • Scroll down to Learner Incident Reports.

  • Click on the appropriate report, fill in the necessary information, and click 'Create Report'.

  • Click on the name of a user or title on an incident to see the details.

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