Leave Tracking

Leave tracking allows administrative staff to record absences for learners. Please note that this is a separate tool from the Absence Management module.

  • Navigate to Admin>Clinical Experiences.

  • You will land on the My Learners tab.

  • Each learner card displays the learner name, email, photo and institutional id.

  • Search for a learner as needed, and if you can't find someone, ensure that you are in the correct curriculum period using the dropdown menu on the right.

  • From the learner card, click 'Leave tracking'.

  • Click 'Record New Leave'.

  • Provide the required information noting the following: Leave Type: The list of leave types is configured in the database and there is no user interface to change the leave types.

  • Click 'Save'.

  • The leave will appear on a list and will be sorted by type and total days in a second list.