Please note that RPNow is a fee-based service. An integration with Elentra exists but to use it you would also need a contract with RPNow. See more at https://www.psionline.com/platforms/rpnow/

If you are using RPNow to provide exam security, note that after an exam post is created you'll have the option to automatically email learners their exam codes, or to email a course director with the exam code for each learner. From the posts screen, look in the Actions column for an email icon.

  • Click the email icon.

  • Check off whether to email the course director or students. If you choose to email students the default email text will display.

  • Edit the email subject line as required.

  • Edit the email content as required, noting the available variables.

  • Click 'Send'.

If you email the course director, s/he will receive a csv file listing student names, emails, and exam codes. The email will have RP-Now Exam Codes as the subject line but will not include any text in the body of the email.

For additional information about how to use security settings, please see the Exams>Information and Settings help section.\