Adjusted Grades
New in ME 1.21!
The ability to enter an adjusted grade for a learner's course grade. This allows you to adjust a course grade in the case of a failed element (e.g., professionalism) that is not a weighted component of the gradebook but is a requirement to pass.
The ability to enter adjusted grades on a gradebook spreadsheet is controlled by a database setting (gradebook_adjusted_grades_enabled). To enable the setting, please speak to a developer.
The Adjusted Total Grade feature will allow administrators and Faculty > Directors to enter an Adjusted Total Grade to the Grading Spreadsheet for a Course Gradebook.
This will allow you to reflect a grade other than that calculated in the Weighted Total column of the Gradebook. An example use case could be: A learner has a weighted total of 75%/Pass (P) in the course, but, because they failed the NBME, their adjusted total should reflect a grade of Incomplete (INC) standing. An administrator or the Course Director can now reflect that adjusted overall grade of INC due to the NBME failure.
    With the gradebook_adjusted_grades_enabled setting enabled, navigate to a Course Gradebook and open the Grade Spreadsheet.
    On the far left of the spreadsheet, you'll see a column for Adjusted Total.
    Click on a cell to enter an adjusted total percentage.
Sample Adjusted Total Column in Gradebook Spreadsheet
    Currently the adjusted total will display to learners in their My Gradebooks view.
    Adjusted Totals will not display in the System Report Learner Report Card.
    Future work will include the Adjusted Total in the gradebook export and introduce the adjusted total in the Learner Explorer view.
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