User Tools and Options

Elentra includes a variety of user tools. Many can be accessed from the user profile while others are available in other parts of the platform.

Quick access to several tools are located at the top right of the screen:

  • View the group:role and organization you are working in if you have multiple options.

  • Click on the user icon to view your personal profile options.

  • Click on the building icon to switch organizations.

  • Click on the checklist icon to access your Assessment and Evaluation tasks.

Other tools are available on the left sidebar. These include My Bookmarks, My Communities, etc.

Database Settings

Database SettingUse


Set to 0 by default; 1 enables the option to set a preferred personal pronoun for staff:admin users


Set to 0 by default; 1 enables the option to allow users to edit their own personal pronouns in their profile