External Assessors

Updated in ME 1.21!

  • Added more information to the Manage External Assessors Screen including a link to their tasks

External Assessors are members of a learning community who do not have Elentra accounts. Examples could include social workers, patients, allied health professionals, etc. External assessors can be included in distributions and learners can initiate tasks to external assessors.

When an external assessor is created their name and email are stored but they do not have a complete user record in Elentra. We avoid duplication of external assessor records by having the system check email addresses.

Existing external assessors will display at the end of a list of users when searching for a user when creating a distribution.

If a learner searches for an existing external assessor to initiate a task to, the name will display with other returned results and the assessor will be labelled as external on the user card.

Note that allowing learners to add external assessors when initiating a task is an option controlled through a database setting. If you don't see the option for learners to add an external assessor and you'd like them to be able to, ask a developer to enable cbme_ondemand_start_assessment_add_assessor in the settings table.

Managing External Assessors

Updated in ME 1.21!

  • Additional information added to the page, the user that created and last updated the external assessor record

  • External assessors' assessment count now links to their assessments

Users with medtech:admin, staff:admin, and faculty:admin group and role permissions will be able to access Manage External Assessors.

Please note that this tool does not currently include a way to merge completed assessments or evaluations from two accounts into one; nor does it include the ability to automatically turn an external assessor record into a full Elentra user account.

  • Navigate to Admin > Manage Users.

  • From the User Management card in the left sidebar, click Manage External Assessors.

  • You will see a list of recently added external assessors and additional details including who created the assessor and who last modified the user record.

    • Optionally increase how many assessors are displayed on the page.

  • Click on a name to edit that person's name or email address.

  • Click on the number in the assessments column to view assessments completed by that assessor.

    • If an assessor has been deleted, there will be no link to their assessments.

  • Switch to the Assessor Search tab to search for a specific external assessor.

  • Click Add External Assessor to add additional assessors.

    • Provide first and last name and email address, then click Add External Assessor.

    • You will see a green success message and be redirected to the page you were previously on.