Creating and Managing Polls

How to create a poll

  • Navigate to Admin>Manage Polls

  • Click Add New Poll

  • Complete the required information, noting the following:

  • Poll Details: You are not required to use each answer field.

  • Time Release Options: This is when the poll will open and close

  • You can edit a poll until it has been taken by one user. Then it is locked.

How users access a poll

  • When a poll has been set up, it will appear in the left sidebar for all targeted users

  • Users simply click on the radio button that represents their choice and click Vote

  • Poll results will be displayed in the left sidebar

How to view poll results

  • Navigate to Admin>Manage Polls

  • Click on the name of a poll to view the results in the left sidebar

  • Polls that are closed will display in red

How to delete and expire polls

You can delete or expire polls. Deleting a poll removes it from the system; expiring a poll ends it and lets you view the results.

  • To delete a poll, tick off the check box beside any poll title and click Delete Selected.

  • If you have a poll that has run long enough or you have sufficient responses, or you forgot to set a poll finish, you can expire the poll to end it. Tick off the check box beside any poll title and click Expire Selected.

  • Neither deleting nor expiring polls can be undone.