Elentra ME 1.22
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Trouble Shooting EPA Content

Uploading Templates

All templates you upload to the system must be in .csv format.
If you are working in Excel or another spreadsheet manager use the “Save as” function to select and save your file as a .csv
To upload your files, either search for or drag and drop the file into place. You'll often see a green checkmark when your file is successfully uploaded.
If you receive an error message make sure that you have:
    Deleted any unused lines. This is especially relevant in templates with pre-populated columns including the contextual variables template, and enabling competencies mapping template.
    Completed all required columns. If a column is empty for a specific line the file may fail to upload.

Viewing EPA Maps

If you've imported all CBME data for a program but you are not able to see EPA maps in the EPA Encyclopedia or in the Map Curriculum Tags tab of CBME, double check that you've uploaded your files without spaces between the EPA Code letter and number, nor between the CanMEDS Role and Key Competency number. Having spaces in the incorrect places will prevent the system from retrieving the required information to produce maps.

Mistakes When Mapping Relationships

While you can correct minor typos and add additional mapping info. through the user interface you can not delete, nor undo mapping between EPAs and milestones or enabling competencies.
The option to reset all CBME data for a program was removed in a previous Elentra version.
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