Assessment Reports

Please note that these reports refer to course gradebook assessments, not the tasks administered through the Assessments and Evaluations module.

Assessment Summary Report

This report provides an overview of all assessments entered into a course gradebook for a specific cohort. It provides assessment titles and descriptions for assessments grouped in the following ways: all formative assessments, all summative assessments, all narrative assessments, all narrative assessments that are also formative assessments, and all narrative assessments that are part of the final grade.

This report was created to help provide data for LCME Standard 9: Teaching, Supervision, Assessment, and Student and Patient Safety.

Assessment Objective Report

This report provides a table showing assessments, their descriptions, and the curriculum tags associated with those assessments for a defined course and curriculum period.

This report was created to help courses review their assessments and create blueprints to ensure that all curriculum tags assigned to a course are being appropriately assessed.

Note that this report displays the curriculum tags assigned to assessments via the gradebook edit assessment page in the Assessment Objectives section. If you have an exam entered into the gradebook and have used the exam module to build and tag assessment items, the system does not automatically mine exams and collect their tagged assessment items and apply those tags to the gradebook assessment entry. You'll still have to tag the gradebook assessment entry with the appropriate tags.

Additionally, this report shows only direct mappings (i.e., the tags assigned to a gradebook assessment, not those tags linked contextually or globally mapped to those tags).

  • Use the drop down selector to choose a curriculum period.

  • In the Courses Included section, click Show List to view additional courses. Click on a course title and click Add to include that course in your report.

    • You can select multiple courses at once by using your keyboard and mouse. (command and click on Mac)

  • Click Generate Report.

  • View results inline or download a CSV or PDF as desired.

Student Competency by Curriculum Tag Report

Formerly called the Student Objective Competency Report

Updated in ME 1.21 to allow you to select any existing tag set (instead of relying on a tag set defined in the language file as existed before).

This report shows Gradebook assessments by tag set for each learner selected in the selected cohort and the learner's grade on each assessment to assist with understanding a learner's performance by curriculum tag. Optionally, choose to include the average score per assessment by tag set for the selected cohort as well.

  • This report relies on the direct tagging of assessments within course Gradebooks. Only those tag sets assigned to gradebook assessments will provide results.

  • Report on one cohort of learners at a time (at the moment, this report does not permit reporting on course list type cohorts).

  • Select one or more curriculum tag sets to report on. They will be collapsed for the cohort and learner at first to permit you to choose which tag set you'd like to review first.

  • Choose whether or not to report on only those learners who achieved a score below your identified threshold by placing a checkmark in the Failing Students checkbox, then identify the threshold you wish to apply. Failing grades will be highlighted in red.

  • Download the results to a PDF or CSV file.

Assessments without Tagged Objectives

A report show course gradebook assessments that have not been tagged with any curriculum tags.\