Bulk Event Feedback Management

This feature is optional in Elentra and is controlled with a database setting (events_resource_bulk_upload).

To use the additional option to generate an access code for the feedback form, you should also enable events_resource_access_code_default.

If you'd like to add a Feedback Form to multiple events at once, you can do so from the Events tab.

  • From List View, check off the applicable events, then scroll to the bottom of the page and click 'Add a Resource'.

  • The only currently supported resource is Feedback Form. Click 'Next Step'.

  • Work through the Events Resource Wizard.

    • Note that on third step of the wizard you'll see an option to make the resource available relative to the event start/end time. Enter the days and hours before or after the event start or finish.

    • The setting you add will apply to all events.

  • Select the appropriate form.

  • If you have the database setting events_resource_access_code_default enabled, you'll also see an option to require an access code.

  • Click 'Save Resource'.

  • Close the wizard.

To see the newly added Feedback Form, go to an event with the resource posted.

In Admin. or Teacher view, the event resource will have the Access Code displayed on the resource card (if applicable). Teachers should provide this code to learners to access and complete the evaluation.

Learner Completion of Event Evaluations

Learners can access the evaluation from their Assessment & Evaluation task list. The forms will only be accessible for the defined time frame, after which they will disappear.

Learners can additionally see the Feedback Form on individual learning events.

Reporting Options

Use the Learning Event Feedback Forms Report to view the data collected.

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