Curriculum Tracks

Curriculum Tracks can be used to create specializations or concentrations within programs or to show a course’s language of instruction. If curriculum tracks are created you can:

  • assign a track to a course

  • assign a track to a student user

  • assign a track to an Assessment and Evaluation items, forms and distributions

Curriculum Tracks can be disabled for an organization through a database system setting (disable_curriculum_tracks) This will hide Curriculum Tracks from the System Settings so no administrative users can create tracks. Note that if you have existing curriculum tracks configured and then disable Curriculum Tracks in the database, the existing tracks will still display in the user interface.

How to create a curriculum track

  • Navigate to Admin > Manage Curriculum.

  • Select 'Curriculum Tracks' from the left sidebar.

  • Click 'Add Curriculum Track'.

  • Fill in the required information noting the following: Track Public URL: If the track has a public URL you'd like to make available, provide it here.

  • Set a display order. Curriculum Tracks will not automatically display alphabetically.

  • Click 'Save'.

How to manage existing curriculum tracks

  • After a track is created you can add an image for the track. Click on the track name to access the Edit Curriculum Track page and then upload an image via the small gray square on the right side. As of ME 1.12, these images will not be displayed anywhere in Elentra.

  • To quickly change the display order of tracks on the main Curriculum Tracks page drag and drop them into new positions and click 'Save Ordering'.

  • To delete unneeded tracks click the checkbox beside the track name and click 'Delete Selected'.

How to add a track to a course

Adding courses to a curriculum track is done via individual course setup pages. Please see the the Courses help section for more information.

How to assign users to a curriculum track

Note that you'll only be able to assign students users to a curriculum track if you have tracks built for the relevant organization.

  • Navigate to Admin>Manage Users.

  • Search for the appropriate user and click on his or her name to access their user profile page.

  • Scroll down to the permissions section. If an existing permission exists in an organization that has curriculum tracks, you'll be able to select the appropriate track from a dropdown menu.

  • If you are creating a new permission you'll have to add it first and then select the relevant curriculum track from the dropdown menu.

  • Click 'Save' at the bottom of the page when you are done.

How to add a track to Assessment and Evaluation

Whether you are working with items, forms or distributions, you will see an option to assign a curriculum track if needed.

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