Auto-Setup Curriculum Tag Sets

Even if you are not using the Royal College of Physician and Surgeons curriculum structure, Elentra still has some RC prerequisites in the system. You can upload dummy data to meet the requirement to populate certain curriculum tag sets.

To use Elentra's CBE tools, nine required curriculum tag sets must be in place. An auto-setup tool will create the tag sets.

Navigate to Admin > Manage Course > Course (new or existing), and click the CBME tab.

If the required curriculum tag sets aren't yet configured, Elentra will prompt users to auto-setup the required curriculum tag sets and will populate the CanMEDS Roles, Royal College Stages, and Contextual Variables tags. You just do this once for an organization.

Users without permission to use the auto-setup feature will be directed to contact a system administrator with the message below.

After building the required tag sets, Elentra will prompt you to populate a standard list of key and enabling competencies. This is also a relic of CBME supporting Royal College programs but schools exploring CBE can upload dummy data to fulfil this requirement. An organization only has to do this once. Go to the next page to learn how to upload information for the standard key and enabling competency tag sets.

Unless you are working with a developer, you cannot change the tags in the pre-built tags sets or, after you do, you will be prompted to run the auto-setup feature again.

Curriculum Tag Sets Built Through Auto-Setup Tool