Elentra ME 1.22
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Auto-Setup Curriculum Tag Sets
To use the CBME Module, nine required curriculum tag sets must be in place. An auto-setup tool will help users create these. Only certain users have permission to complete this step.
Note: If you are a UGME organization using CBME, some of these may be changed; please speak to a developer or the Elentra Core Team as needed.
Navigate to Admin > Manage Course > create a new program (course), and click the CBME tab.
If the required curriculum tag sets aren't yet configured, the program will prompt users to auto-setup the required curriculum tag sets and will populate the CanMEDS Roles, Royal College Stages, and Contextual Variables tags.
Users without permission to use the auto-setup feature will be directed to contact a system administrator with the message below.
After an administrative user has run the auto-setup tool, several tag sets will be created and three of them populated (users can view these via Admin > Manage Curriculum). Unless you are working with a developer, you cannot change the tags in these tags sets or after you do, you will be prompted to run the auto-setup feature again.
Sample curriculum tag sets
If an administrative user has completed the auto-setup step, but not imported a standard list of key and enabling competencies, they will be prompted to do so if they try to access a course CBME page.
Prompt to go and import Key and Enabling Competencies
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