Group Assessments and Assignments (Learner View)

If learners are in the audience for a group assessment with a shared grade, they can view any feedback on a completed assessment and evaluation form attached to the assessment, regardless of which account the grader left the feedback on.

If the assessment has an associated drop box, learners will be able to see which group member uploaded something, and any comments left by the grader or other group members.

Any group members who did not submit a file will be able to see the file their peer submitted and the file the grader handed back (if applicable).

In the image below the logged in learner can see the file uploaded by their group member (Jane), the file handed back by the grader, the completed assessment form, and drop box comments (from grader and Nina). (In real practice you likely want to recommend one place for graders to provide narrative feedback; either an attached assessment form OR the assignment comment option.)

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