When a learner submits an observership, administrative staff can approve their observership request.

How to enter an observership as a learner

  • From any page in Elentra, click on your name badge in the top right corner to open your user profile.

  • Click 'My Observerships'.

  • Complete the required information.

How to approve observerships as an administrator

Users need to have staff:admin user permissions to access observerships.

To review multiple observership requests go to Admin > Manage Observerships.

To review an individual's observership request:

  • Navigate to Admin > Manage Users.

  • Search for the appropriate user and click on his/her name.

  • From the Student Management box on the left sidebar, click 'Observerships'.

  • Pending observerships will be displayed for you to approve.

How to report on completed observerships

  • Navigate to Admin > System Reports.

  • Scroll to MSPR Reporting and click on 'Observership Report'.

  • Set the date range and additional filter fields if desired, and then click 'Create Report'.

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